Popularity of Custom Headband Manufacturer, Wholesale Supplier

Custom headbands have always been a fashion item. In fashion designers’ eyes, custom headband manufacturers are actually making tiaras for the masses. From vintage tennis outfits, such as white short shorts, red and navy fitted tracksuit tops and headbands in the tennis tournament to American teen drama television series “Gossip Girl” where character Blair Waldorf wore a red, plaid headband, everyone started wearing headbands.

Young audiences are addicted to style content on social media like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. They always quote #OOTDs (Outfit of the day) and look for inspiration ideas to take selfies in a full length mirror or on the street. Custom headband wholesalers are reporting an increase in sales from millennials and zoomers to reflect the phenomenon of pop culture. People are more aware of fashion from influencers and celebrities thanks to the widespread use of social media.

What are you waiting for? Import high quality headbands supplied by experienced custom headband manufacturer, wholesale supplier – Pollux Enterprise to catch up with the latest trend. We have a trusted reputation since 1999 and have over 20 years of experience for custom headband manufacturer, wholesale suppliers. We also exhibited at worldwide trade shows to meet our customers in person. Our collection of headbands and hair accessories were incredibly well received by our customers.

Innovative Headband Designs from Headband Wholesale Supplier

Custom headband manufacturers are looking for innovative designs and materials for headbands like featuring high-tech fabric to keep you cool for summer breeze or fabric that feels warm and gentle against the head in winter. The knotted headband can be styled over the hat for extra warmth. You can wear a sweater, skirt, pants, dresses with a headband to change the way you act and get you in the mindset.

Thick fabric headbands can hold back your hair back in yoga and other sports. The sweat-resistant fabric promises unrivalled breathability and softness when you are doing sports. The headband wholesale supplier makes the headband slip on comfortably and keeps your hair out of the way.

You can put twist details on the front, pattern or custom headband with names, custom headband manufacturers can design and produce the perfect headband for you. Whether you want varying shapes, textures or patterns, we can get you the right custom headband manufacturer to work on it.

New Ways to Wear Headband and Ideas from Custom Headband Manufacturer

How to wear a headband and look better? Let’s hear the suggestions from the headband wholesale supplier. One of the simplest ways of wearing a headband is to match the colour and fabric of your dress. On a chill weekend you just want something casual. Some basics like jeans, cardigan, sneakers and headband you’ll be tempted to add to your cart. If you want a contrast, something leopard or polka-dotted is a good way to test out print and patterns. You can even match your mask to make a complete look.

When you go on a workout, a thick headband deserves a spot in your wardrobe or in your backpack. No matter how much you sweat, custom headband manufacturers get the headbands that will keep your hair looking fierce. The hairbands do stay put and never slip right off for sweat-heavy activities like HIIT(High-intensity interval training), cycling, running or kickboxing. A good workout headband will keep all hair out of your face while comfortable and stick to your head without pulling your hair. At the gym or outdoors, there are always a ton of women milling around in headbands of their own.

Headbands are suitable for special occasions like Halloween, Christmas and New Year. An ear headband featuring characters from Disney is the perfect-to-go fashion piece for parties. This is where the magic happens. Get a headband from a headband wholesale supplier to match your costume ideas! Costumes and decorations tell a story about your personality too!

Not every hair accessory works for everyone but the headband looks great for everyone and suitable for all hair types. Even if you are having a bad hair day, get your headband on to distract from a messy up-do. If you are running a store on women’s clothing or accessories, reach out to custom headband wholesale to increase your sales. Feel free to reach us to get your free quotation.

For business, after we spent so much time on Zoom and video conferencing, even though participants can only see half of the body, a headband can transform your look. Something in a neutral shade like black or beige is flexible and comes in handy. Headbands can be elegant if you style with a pearl-embellished headband for cocktail or evening dress. Many luxury brands create headbands in their signature print, tied at the back in little knots. Custom headband manufacturers follow the fashion trend and mould trendy headbands whenever it is casual or business occasion.

Custom Headband Manufacturer, Wholesale Supplier - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do headbands become essential?

When it comes to accessorising, you need to literally use your head to fit your outfit. Custom headband wholesalers source various types of headbands to show a modern take on classic.


  1. Is custom headband wholesale eco-friendly?

Yes, some headband wholesale suppliers work with non-profit organizations to produce headbands without hazardous chemicals and use biodegradable materials for production.


  1. What are the commonly used materials for headbands?

Cotton, cotton yarn fabric, polyester, virgin wool, silk and cashmere are commonly used by custom headband manufacturers for producing headbands.


  1. What is the minimum order for promotional custom headband wholesale worldwide?

The minimum order would be XX pieces or XXX in one batch. Contact us to get your quotation. Marketing departments are searching for custom made souvenirs for their guests and we are happy to make the brand promotional headband for you! The delivery will be around 1 to 2 months depending on the quality and delivery address.


  1. Do you have a headband wholesale supplier for facials and beauty salons?

We do have headband wholesale suppliers for disposable products for beauty salons, spa and facials. We have high quality standards to meet and come in various colours and prints.