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Hair Accessories Supplier - Something should not be Missed in Fashion

Hair styling is a big consideration in girls’ dressing and hair accessories or hair ornaments are commonly used by girls, for functional or keeping stylish. The little gadgets can add value to the overall dressing of a girl, giving her a dazzling look. You can easily elevate your hairstyle with a scrunchy or a hair bow. Hair accessories are not necessary to be expensive, you can easily find something gorgeous with a cheap price. For some time, hair accessories may become trendy stuff or may have a renaissance. Thanks to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, for contributing to the return of popularity of hair accessories manufacturers. Therefore, it is hard to decline the potential of hair accessories products in the fashion market.

Custom Hair Accessories Wholesale Services for Merchants

For merchants who are targeting on selling hair accessories or hair ornaments products to customers, finding an outstanding hair accessories supplier with custom hair accessories wholesale services is critical. It definitely is not a simple task as there are an enormous number of hair accessories suppliers in the market today but only a few of them are good enough. Most of the hair accessories suppliers are just providing a limit of choices without custom services. Unlike most of the hair accessories suppliers, Pollux Enterprise offers versatile custom hair accessories wholesale services and we can help you to match the best hair accessories manufacturer for your design. The hair accessories manufacturers in our partner list are all in great scale and have a long history of manufacturing different types of hair accessories. Their products have been exported to Hong Kong, Asia and worldwide. Once choosing us as your hair accessories wholesale supplier can save you tons of time on tedious stuff like searching hair accessories manufacturers, negotiating the terms, and so on. We have got you covered!

Hair Accessories Wholesale Supplier - Pollux Enterprise

Pollux Enterprise is a hair accessories wholesale supplier with decades of experience in  custom hair accessories wholesale services. The hair accessories or hair ornaments products supplied by Pollux Enterprise are of better quality with affordable prices compared to other hair accessories wholesale suppliers.  We work with a large number of hair accessories manufacturers mainly based in Mainland China and have served over hundred of clients. We are capable of being the OEM hair accessories supplier for a wide range of hair accessories or hair ornaments products to empower any brilliant design idea. Apart from being the OEM hair accessories supplier, we also can act as the buy agent of different style hair accessories helping you to source your best products for your customers.

Hair accessories or hair ornaments products can be varied in shapes, sizes and materials. There are a wide spectrum on the types of hair accessories, for example hair clips, hair bands, hair barrettes and scrunchies. As a hair accessories wholesale supplier, we can fulfill most of the product types requirements from our clients with our network of hair accessories manufacturers. The hair accessories manufacturers we have been cooperating with mostly passed a lot of audits such that the products they made can be sold in Hong Kong, USA, Europe and the whole world.

More About our Custom Hair Accessories Wholesale Services

Our custom hair accessories wholesale services covered most sorts of fabrics, materials and styles. Different customized hair accessories products can hence be made to address the needs of different styles. You can focus on the design of the hair accessories like the colours to be used or the shape of the products and the hair accessories supplier will do the rest for you. The final products will have to pass the quality control from the hair accessories manufacturer to prove that they are all of the finest quality and there are no obvious defects on the products.

The hair accessories manufacturers we picked are the ones who have a proven track record in the cooperation with us. The hair accessories or hair ornaments products manufactured are made use of outstanding quality material and very suitable for long term use. If you are looking for hair accessories wholesale services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are very willing to provide you with help and cooperation with our experience and expertise.

Custom Hair Accessories Wholesale Supplier - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the considerations on finding hair accessories wholesale suppliers?

In searching hair accessories suppliers, you can consider the factors like their reputation, range of products, delivery time, return policy. For reputation, you can check the reviews given by their former clients but you should beware of the authenticity of the reviews. For the range of products, you can research the suppliers and check if they provide services on the product types which suit your business plan. For delivery time, you have to avoid the suppliers which make it too long for the delivery. For return policy, you can check whether the supplier provides a return policy and does it provide adequate protection for you.


  1. What is the minimum order for custom hair accessories wholesale?

Normal hair accessories wholesale suppliers may only accept bulk orders, but we can be more flexible. We accept orders with less quantity and the minimum order we require for one batch is XXX pieces. Please contact us to get your quotation.


  1. Can I order several types of hair accessories with less quantities for each type?

Yes. You can order several types of hair accessories with less quantities for each type. The minimum order for each type of hair accessory is XXX pieces. You have to also fulfill the minimum order requirement on the total quantities of the order.


  1. How to handle the custom hair accessories wholesale if there are products with defects?

If the products delivered have defects, please take photos of the defects and send them to us by email within 6 months. We will have a look and advise whether they should be sent back to us and we will work with the hair accessories manufacturer for further investigation. Please do not send them back to us without sending us the photos. We will send you the replacements with no additional charges.