Custom Ring Manufacture, Wholesale Supplier

Pollux Enterprise is a Hong Kong-based custom made ring supplier established in 1999. We provide satisfying services in custom ring manufacture and wholesale.

Popularity of Custom Ring Manufacturer

A ring is more than just a jewelry on a finger, or a luxurious product. It symbolizes a loved one, the pursuit of happiness or memory we cherished. An authentic design of a custom ring brings these symbols to another level – the desire for singularity. Pollux Enterprise, as an experienced custom ring wholesale supplier, understands the pursuit of singularity, and your needs in finding a custom jewelry manufacturer to bring your customers’ one-of-a-kind designs to life exactly as they imagined them, if not better.

To many couples, engagement rings symbolize the love and passion between the two of them. The memory they shared for many years and the time they spent together are of utmost significance to them. Engagement marks the important milestones to the wonderful relationships of these couples. To celebrate this amazing moment and treasure the important elements of their love and dedication, more and more couples are looking for a professional jeweler to help them design the perfect engagement ring. The one-of-a-kind custom engagement ring symbolizes that the love between the couple is irreplaceable and can only be found on each other, adding romantic meanings to their lifelong journey.

Nowadays, not just mature women would wear rings to show their status and their desire for luxuries, but also people of different ages and genders. Rings have become a “must have” to all the fashion lovers out there. Different styles of rings can represent different personalities and taste in fashion of a person. Just like changing our clothes, customers need various designs of rings to bring out their everyday fashion choices as well, and a custom made ring can represent the uniqueness of a customer and differentiate them from the others. The wholesale supplier will communicate with the manufacturer, choosing from a range of materials to manufacture the perfect custom rings.

Innovative and Creative Design Ideas from Custom Ring Manufacturer

In order to stand out of the crowd, the custom ring manufacturer always searches for innovative ideas for custom rings. Adding colored gemstones to a ring can give customers a sense of personalisation. Different gemstones hold various meanings based on their colors or even a birthstone, which add more authenticity to the custom ring design. Our manufacturers offer different types of gemstones that come with a variety of colours, like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. The wholesale suppliers will source for all kinds of gemstone so as to find the perfect match of the custom ring.

Paying attention to the ring setting and adding symbolic meaning to the ring is always a good idea. The manufacturers found that adding small details in the ring is the latest trend in custom ring design, especially those that are secretly hidden and only your customers will know its speciality. Inserting a small gemstone or diamond on the inside of the ring, making it a little secret between you and the customers. To symbolize eternal love between the couple, a love knot, two parallel cords tied together in two interlocked overhead knots, is a stylish yet hidden design, which is popular among customers.

Vintage design products have been surging in popularity, and custom rings no exception. Many people are in love with the authenticity of vintage rings as they are usually hand-crafted. However, the uniqueness of vintage rings is not for everyone, owing to the fact that each and every one of the rings is individually crafted, and the diamonds on the rings are not consistent, which may not be appealing to some customers who like the uniformity of diamond rings. Therefore, manufacturing “vintage inspired” rings is a go-for, as they keep the details, patterns and shapes of the vintage rings but the design of diamonds is more modern.

Apart from all the complicated designs, custom rings with simplicity also capture the hearts of many customers. Sometimes, less is more. A lot of customers look for custom rings with filigree designs. The wholesale supplier understands how to bring these simple yet eye catching designs of custom rings to life. Talk to us about how you would like the designs to make the characteristics of the custom rings stand out, and we will find the perfect manufacturer to satisfy your needs.

Custom Ring Manufacturer, Wholesale Supplier - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How exactly will we collaborate with a custom ring manufacturer?

We will work as your buying agent. From proposing a sourcing strategy, screening of factories, placing of orders on-site to monitoring and execution of the complete procurement process, all these could be done on the basis of an agency agreement under which we charge for our service according to a commission scheme.


  1. I want to manufacture my custom ring design, but I live outside Asia with a different timezone. Are you still able to help?

As a professional wholesale supplier, our services are customer-oriented and we are delighted to help with your manufacturing process. During our normal business hours, we offer virtual consultations. We will keep our communication via email and online conferences during the entire process. We are dedicated to providing satisfactory services, which ensure that our customers will be fully involved in.


  1. What are the popular ring sizes from a custom made ring supplier perspective?

In the United States, the most popular sizes among female customers are size 7, 8 and 9; the most popular sizes among male customers are size 9, 10 and 11. In Asia, the most popular sizes among female customers are size 5, 6 and 7; the most popular sizes among male customers are size 8, 9 and 10.


  1. Where are the custom rings manufactured?

We collaborate with the vast manufacturing bases in China. Being an expertise in wholesaling and supplying, we have worked with a lot of professional and high quality manufacturers that manufacture jewelries of satisfaction.


  1. How can you make sure that I can be involved in the custom ring manufacturing process?

In all the phases from factory matching, sample development, logo customization, packaging specification, quality inspection to shipment logistics, we will communicate back and forth so as to make sure that they will all be of your satisfaction.