Fashion Accessories Manufacturer, Wholesale Supplier: Fashion accessories in a nutshell

“A woman makes an outfit of her own with accessories.” was a famous quote by Oscar de la Renta, one of the top notch fashion designers around the world, which highlighted the importance of fashion accessories in dressing. A fashion accessory can be anything you wear or carry other than your clothes which contribute or compliment to your outfit and look. The types of fashion accessories are broad, traditionally carried accessories include purses, wallets and handbags and traditionally worn accessories include hats, belts, scarfs, eyeglasses, watches, necklaces, rings, bracelets. Choosing the appropriate fashion accessories for your outfit allows you to make your outfit complete, express your personality and sense of style.

Fashion Accessories Wholesale is a Big Market... and Profitable

The market size of the fashion accessories wholesale market is worth more than a billion dollars and is projected to keep growing in the coming years according to some research conducted. The future growing bright spot will be in the Asia Pacific due to reasons like growing purchasing power and increasing urban population in that area. Despite the big market size, the  fashion accessories industry is highly competitive and requires continuous innovation and development in the area like product design. If you would like to start doing business in this industry and sustain, you may probably need to find a fashion accessories wholesale supplier as your backup force which helps to work on the tasks like factories matching, communications and logistics. Finding a suitable fashion accessories manufacturer is time consuming and exhausting, with the help of a competent fashion accessories supplier like Pollux Enterprise can help you focus on high value works and make your business much more effective and productive.

Fashion Accessories Manufacturer, Fashion Accessories Wholesale Supplier

Pollux Enterprise is a Hong Kong based fashion accessories wholesale supplier that has a well-developed supply chain management system, in which we partner with high quality China fashion accessories manufacturers to offer one stop fashion accessories wholesale services.

As an excellent fashion accessories wholesale supplier, we supply a wide variety of trendy accessories including scarves, bags, wallet, belts, caps and mittens. Under each product category, There are various styles to cater for various customers. Being a  fashion accessories wholesale supplier, our mission is to help our clients to ensure the consistency of quality and feature of each accessory offered which suits their needs with our promising connection with fashion accessories manufacturers. Although there is high competitiveness among the accessories suppliers, We believe, with our passion for fashion, we will surpass other competitors to be one of the top accessories suppliers in the world-market.

Pollux Enterprise recognises the importance of providing customers with a wide range of choices when it comes to fashion accessories. For example, the collection of our wallet category includes ladies clutch wallets, purses and evening bags, etc. Under each type of product, customers will have at least several options. We have many fashion accessories manufacturers on our manufacturer list, and the number keeps growing. It is predicted that there will be more variety of choices for our fashion accessories.

At the same time, we export our accessories to different parts of the world and have a strong connection with international logistic companies around the globe.  We also have cooperation with numerous fashion accessories suppliers and fashion accessories manufacturers in Mainland China and all over the world. One day, we hope to build an extensive sourcing network, in which knowledge and information associated with latest accessories will be shared among fashion accessories suppliers, fashion accessories wholesalers and fashion accessories manufacturers.

Finding Pollux Enterprise as your business partner

You may need to conduct research on the fashion accessories market to find your target group of customers. Or you may need to design your killer fashion accessories products which can make a name for your brand. It’s not necessary to work on every area just by yourself, finding Pollux Enterprise as your business partner can help you to greatly alleviate your workloads and costs. You just need to provide your  fashion accessories designs to us, we will send you the samples which are made by the best matching fashion accessories manufacturers. Then with your approval, the products will enter the stage of mass production and deliver to anywhere designated by you. Pollux Enterprise makes your fashion accessories business never been easier that far exceeds your expectations.

Fashion accessories manufacturer, wholesale suppliers - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What product categories of fashion accessories Pollux Enterprise can offer ?

Pollux Enterprise can offer a wide range of product categories in fashion accessories for your options. Normally, we provide Thin Oblong Scarves, Thick Knit Winter Scarves, PU Tote, Hobo and Shoulder Bags, PU Clutch Evening Wallet, PU Belts, Hat Beanie Caps, Gloves Hand Warmer Mitten as standard product categories  for our clients to choose with. You can have a look at the colours and shapes of the products on our website. If you want to order the products not in the standard categories, you are welcome to contact our staff to discuss about this


  1. What is the process of fashion accessories wholesale for bulk purchase?

We will send you quotation and sampling first and once we receive the payment, we’ll arrange the sample of custom products and send to you for approval. After that, we will go ahead for mass production and arrange shipment.


  1. Can I have my order shipped with my usual logistics company?

Yes, if you wish to ship your merchandise with your usual logistic company, please tell our staff to add a remark to your items by specifying the contact details from your logistics company. When your order is ready for shopping from fashion accessories wholesale suppliers, we will contact your logistics company to organize the collection of the goods. The delivery cost will be paid at your expense.


  1. Can I order several types of fashion accessories with less quantities for each type?

Yes. You can order several types of fashion accessories with less quantities for each type for fashion accessories wholesale. The minimum order for each type of fashion accessory is XXX pieces. You have to also fulfill the minimum order requirement on the total quantities of the order.