PU Clutch Evening Wallet

Clutch bag and evening bag - Modern definition

Like most generic terms, the phrase ‘clutch bag’ can be used to describe a wide range of bags, there is no precise set of dimensions or characteristics which define it. Essentially the clutch bag is a small, flat handbag, without handles or straps, however there are larger bags, with a handle or detachable straps which are also described as ‘clutch bags’. Slim and primarily hand held are perhaps the two qualities which best define the bag. One of the attractions of the clutch is its theatricality; everyone with a clutch instantly becomes a starlet. The very fact that you have to hold it means that you are very conscious of its position; clutches are ostentatious, designed to draw the eye: a clutch requires performance. Though, using the clutch in this way actually served to draw attention rather than deflect it. Evening bag manufacturers always refer to this definition for production and provide standard for evening bag wholesalers.

Evolution of clutch bags and evening bags manufacturer and wholesale

Bags and purses predate pockets, and clutches seem to be a very early solution to the problem of carrying small valuables. We know of the existence of such bags from paintings and tapestries, but few examples have survived due to the perishable materials from which they were made. In medieval Europe, women tied their small bags to a belt or belt through a belt, which was a small hook that became jewelry in itself. In the Middle Ages, bags and purses were mostly hidden for security reasons, but changes in fashion have resulted in purses/bags becoming objects of show. The discovery of Pompeii in the late 18th century had a profound effect on public taste, especially in architecture and clothing. Women’s clothing became lighter and less bulky, with the waistline moving up and below the chest. As a result, bags or “pockets” could no longer be concealed in pleats or dresses, and so the crosshairs, the predecessor of the clutch, were born. The reticle is a small bag, designed to resemble a modern clutch, worn from the shoulder by a cord or chain. The increasing emancipation of Western women in the nineteenth century meant that bags became larger, such as carpet bags, and the clutch as we knew it all but disappeared. It was the revival of the classic style dress in the 1820s that led to the creation of the classic clutch. The appearance of the sheer flapper dress requires a bag that doesn’t detract from the body line, a strapless, handleless jeweled eye patch that the owner can use as an attention-directing prop. So how will the clutch bag manufacturer and supplier change in modern days?

Small clutches, large wallets, there may not be much choice between them in terms of size: the difference is in their application. A wallet can be stuffed with store cards, credit cards, driver’s licenses and a whole bunch of stuff you really don’t want to replace. Clutches represent freedom and fun, wallets, adult responsibility and personal management. It has a reasonably large opening where you can quickly put things in. It has sturdy handles, so when you’re full you can haul it around and take it with you. Your clutch celebrates its impracticality, it’s too small to fit in it, and if you risk putting it down, you might forget about it. But your clutch, I bet you have more than one, has a special place in your wardrobe because it’s transformative: you put on your best evening dress and your clutch is magic. The talisman that can take you from stressed professional woman to carefree woman socialite.

Advice from clutch bag manufacturer: #1 Make sure it is comfortable to carry

Yes, a handbag, just like your clothes, must have a level of comfort that you are satisfied with. Notice if it stretches your arm out in an uncomfortable way? Does it slip off your shoulders too easily? Do you have to carry it with handles that are not your style? Think of these questions before reaching out to the clutch bag manufacturer or becoming a clutch bag wholesaler.

We can love the look of a handbag, but if it doesn’t have the right level of carrying comfort (and you’ll be carrying it around a lot, sometimes for long periods of time), then you’re going to start hating it.

Advice from clutch bag manufacturer: #2 Make sure it's not too heavy

I love leather bags and evening bag wholesale as they get scratched and they can be improved unlike all faux leather handbags. That means my investment will last longer, like a good pair of leather shoes, and I can polish my purse. That said, sometimes some leather bags can be quite heavy when empty, which means that as soon as I empty the kitchen sink into the bag, my shoulders are carrying 45kg. Bad for my back (or mood).

So test the bag and notice how heavy it is. Sometimes that extra metal detail can also overwhelm a bag – it looks great, but the weight is unrealistic. Pollux, as an experienced evening bag manufacturer, will advise you what is the ideal weight for evening bag wholesale.

Advice from clutch bag manufacturer: #3 A evening bag that fits in your pocket

Ask for yourself as an evening bag wholesaler, is it just a void inside or are there some pockets? If it has pockets, what type and how many?

What you like is personal to you. A central divider pocket? A pocket for a pen or two, glasses cleaning cloth, and a few other small items? A pocket for a phone? An outer zipper pocket?

In a smaller clutch or evening bag, I like a lot of card pockets because I don’t want to push a cart around my regular purse, but be able to carry a credit card and a few other odds and ends with me.

Also, there must be enough space for lipstick, reading glasses, phone and keys. There’s nothing worse than an overnight purse that you can’t keep your essentials in.

Advice from clutch bag manufacturer: #4 Unzip the zipper

I like tote bags that can be fully zipped or closed so that if I’m travelling, nothing will fall out. Especially with handbags and larger bags, zipper closures make a difference when you need to be able to close the bag properly to keep the contents safe. Evening bag wholesalers and clutch bag suppliers always told us that tote bags with zippers are always one of the best selling items.

Advice from clutch bag manufacturer: #5 Evening bag and clutch bag color

Clutch bag wholesalers always ask which color is the best. Black is an all-time favorite classic color option that can go with just about anything. You can choose from a black bag style or evening bag that can be used for casual or business wear. This is a must have bag in your wardrobe. You can choose black as a versatile tote that can be worn over the shoulder, cross-body or as a clutch to get the most out of your dollar. Evening bag wholesalers would always choose black evening bags to sell during peak holiday season as gifting.

Depending on the style of the purse, a white tote can be casual, business or formal. This color can be pure white or fall into a wide range of off-whites. If you want to create a stark contrast, a white purse color will go with everything. A common pairing is white and navy for a nautical vibe. If you’re wearing a printed dress or shirt against a white background, choosing to carry a white handbag will accentuate the color.

After black and white, gray is one of the most versatile handbag colors. Clutch bag wholesalers can choose a dark charcoal grey or head to the other end of the grey spectrum and opt for a light grey wallet. You want your grey purse to match the color values ​​of the clothes you want to wear.

Charcoal looks like black when paired with almost any color. This is a value lighter than black but darker than light gray. The best range of colors to use with charcoal includes pairing it with blues, reds, pinks, yellows and whites. If you want a neutral color other than black, then you may find this to be a good color choice.


Light grey is like all greys in that it can be casual or part of a business whole. It makes a nice wallet color option for more formal outings. You can carry a light grey purse for a contrast in your overall look. Be sure to repeat the light gray on other parts of your outfit, such as jewelry, scarves, gloves, and hats.

PU Clutch Evening Bag Manufacturer Wholesale Supplier - Frequently Asked Questions

1) What color handbag goes with everything? Do you have any advice for clutch bag wholesalers?

You don’t have to stand staring at an open closet wondering which purse to bring. There are several colors to go with everything, making it easy for you to choose. As a clutch bag supplier and evening bag manufacturer, you can pick any colors of handbags at Pollux. Simply tell us your choice and we will find you the right ones.


2) How to choose a bag that fits all your outfits? Do you have any tips for clutch bag suppliers and evening bag wholesalers?

Start with a color that reflects your hair color. It’s the signature color you’ll never take off. You’re always wearing your hair, which is why hair color is a great color for handbags, shoes, coats, and belts—because these are clothing elements that “transcend” many other outfits.


3) What are the clutch types for clutch bag manufacturers and wholesalers?

Classic – So many types of clutches are described as classics that make the term almost meaningless. Rectangular, oval or round, small enough to hold in one hand, you can say about it. It is one of the best selling items for clutch bag suppliers.

Envelope clutch – A very flattering design: a flat, usually rectangular bag with a triangular flap on top, like an envelope. It is popular among clutch bag wholesalers.

Day clutch – Not a clutch that your 20-something starlet will recognize, this is an office clutch that is much larger than a traditional clutch and may have interior pockets. It could be a bag you tuck into a larger bag. It’s sure to be better for meetings than that overflowing tote bag.

Evening clutch – Credit card, car keys, phone or nothing. The main features of evening clutches are glamour, unbridled freedom and a light touch. Our pony hair clutches are perfect for adding a little glamour. Evening bag wholesalers like this style a lot.

Men’s clutch – Please give my briefcase, we just had our last masculinity crisis. Combo bags, well, they’re big clutches, now a fixture at the men’s catwalks in New York, London, Paris and Milan. They’re big enough to hold a tablet and a few sheets of paper, and they don’t make you look like Bob Cratkit is lugging a coolie stuffed with a briefcase.


4) How to wear the clutch and evening bag? Any suggestions from evening bag wholesale and manufacturers?

Unless you’re balancing on your head or clenching your teeth, there are basically five ways to hold a clutch. Evening bag manufacturers always provide a style guide for evening bag wholesalers.

Put it on the bottom like a newspaper. It’s a safe way to hold your bag and free up one hand.

Hold hands in front of you. This should always be a transition position, and if you do it all night, it looks like you don’t want to play.

Follow through. Super casual: “What, this old thing?” Just make sure you’re confident in that fastening.

Extend your index finger to keep it on top. The clutch is now a more gestural contraption, think of Sherlock Holmes and his pipe.

under your arm. When you really have to tuck into that plate of delicious food. Again, a transition position, or you’re in danger of looking like you’re paralyzed on one side.


5) How to make your clutch bag versatile?

There may be bags for specific purposes (e.g. evening bags), but for your everyday bag, if you tend to have just one bag to take with you – anywhere – every day – it needs to be versatile in its design.

It needs to be dressy enough to be relevant to your work attire; Soft enough to be relevant to your casual wear; Match your color palette – so it doesn’t conflict with your outfit.