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One of the most simple and straightforward hair accessories would be a snap clip. Indulge yourself in fancy with snap clip supplies’s magnificent snap clip collection. This pretty hair accessory collection from snap clips manufacturers make your teenage dreams come true. Mix and match snap clips and barrettes in different sizes for an ultra-modern style.

Keep a supply of snap clips at home, school, office, or at the gym to make your hair look neat and nice. From work to gym to nights out, snap clip supplies get you ready for any occasion. You can wear the snap clips in a simple way. Just put your hair back and clip your snap clip in. Double stack clips are also very popular. Usually you would have the same style of snap clips, you can just push your bangs back and clip it. For other hair styles, you can pull some hair in the back, the two sections cross one under the other so you make a cross and then hold them both with your hand then use another finger to push up on one of the sections to insert the hair clip. Using snap clip supplies for hairstyling is super easy plus it’s so classy and cute.

Snap clips are trending. Fashion magazines suggest taking some hair from the front, pin it up and then pull some fringe out at the front if you want to take the rest of the hair into a ponytail. For a more stylish look, you can tie a pretty low ponytail and then tie it off with an elastic band and flip it out with the ponytail. It is super easy to style and looks fantastic on every hairstyle. Contact a snap clip manufacturer and start adding snap clips in your hair accessories collection.

We also offer snap clip supplies with alphabet collection or butterfly shape if you want to enjoy a new sense of DIY styling by mixing the different letters up and have fun! These chic and cute hair pieces will guarantee to elevate your mood anytime. You could do a dutch braid, you could do a fishtail, you could do a French braid or whatever you want. You could even incorporate your bangs into anything that goes with these snap clips. Reach out to snap clip manufacturers and see how we can help fulfill your imagination.

Back to 90s Snap Clips and Latest Fashion Trends

The 90s trend is back and supermodel Bella Hadid has unveiled nostalgic 90s hair accessories like snap clips, claw clips, etc. She swept her hair into a twisted knot, held in place by a claw clip and several snap clips on both sides of the ears. She can often be seen on social media with baby hairs secured by a snap clip or two. Get in on the 90s trend with snap clips. Straighten your hair and part it down in the middle then clip hair on either side of your parting. It is a cute accessory to vamp up any hairstyle.

Signs and symbols are another design trend after the popularity of “Squid Game” on netflix. The creepy giant animatronic girl of the “Green light, red light game” wore squid-shaped snap clips and people are recreating the look just in time for the spunky season. Snap clip wholesale can get prepared by ordering snap clips and hair accessories for Halloween! People are searching where to shop for squid game customs, they want a timely fit for Hallow’s Eve.

Disney Snap Clip Supplies

Disney has a bulk list of manufacturers all over the world. They require a factory audit to better manage the suppliers. Disney is committed to ethical and environmental issues in all operations to maintain a high standard. Pollux Enterprise works closely with authorized snap clips manufacturers so you can rely on us for snap clip wholesale. Contact us and we will select the most suitable snap clip manufacturers for you.

If you are looking for Frozen snap clips, you can find the right snap clip supplies company! Disney and Sanrio characters need to be officially licensed for mass production. We will find snap clips manufacturers that pass the Disney audit by SGS. The Disney Minnie Mouse accessory set, Disney Princess, Frozen Anna and Elsa kids’ hair clips are in huge demand by parents as Christmas or holiday gifts. For snap clip wholesale, the 5cm snap clip is decorated with 2.5 cm heart-shaped Disney printing. Share these hair snap clips with your neighbor or send them as a gift to your family, girl friends on various festivals.They will be happy to receive your lovely gifts. The snap clips are a mix of charm and practicality and appeal to children and kids at heart. The snap clip supplies warn that snap clips may contain small parts which have choking warning and are not suitable for children under 

Snap Clip Manufacturer, Wholesale Supplies - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the materials used for snap clip manufacturers?

The most common material from snap clip manufacturers is metal. The snap clips are nickel plated and tested to be lead free which is suitable for children.


  1. What is the packaging for snap clip manufacturers?

Snap clips will be packed with a backing card in a polybag or blister. We will ensure the packaging is all good for shipping in great quality.


  1. Where does the snap clip manufacturer produce the products?

The snap clips manufacturers are stationed in China so most of the products are made in China.


  1. Do you offer a discount for bulk purchase of snap clip wholesale?

Yes, we do offer discounts for suppliers for bulk purchase of snap clip wholesale. Contact us if you wanna order 500 pieces of snap clips or above.


  1. Do you make custom snap clips wholesale?

Whether you want gold plated hair snap clips with glitter five pointed stars, Halloween ghost, pumpkin snap clips, Christmas trees hair snap clips or bow knot snap clips, we can help you source the relevant snap clips manufacturers to produce them. Simply email us and we would suggest the styling and cost for snap clip wholesale.