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Hair clip has been one of the “back to school” hair accessories for girls. Girls use hair clips to keep hair off the face and out of the eyes for a neat and tidy look with school uniforms. Custom hair clip wholesale and manufacturer provides black hair clips and simple designs for students. Whether you are looking for black butterfly hair clip or plastic hair clip, we’ve got you covered.

We have got hair clips such as an effortless jaw clip for thick hair for your everyday fashion. Bella Hadid is obsessed with claw clips and even her stylist commented on her instagram to discuss her hair clips. The shiny add-on that has held the updos with the basics you rely on everyday. Hair clips are perfect for many occasions. Metallic monochrome hair clips can create a tech and modern look while golden wavy hair clips can create a vintage mood. A jumbo pearl hair clip is the perfect way to add sartorial standing to your locks.

Custom Hair Clip Wholesale on Amazon

Hair clips from custom hair clip manufacturers have always been given five-star reviews among savvy Amazon shoppers which received comments like great quality for the price, well-made hair clips that were sent well packed and would definitely order from custom hair clip wholesale again. It is in high demand because it is always sold out online. There are other options for you to order.

Do you go for the cheapest thing on amazon? You can buy hair clips in bulk from hair clips supplies wholesale or designer hair clips online with worldwide shipping. Looking for unique hair clips to put in your hair accessories store? These designer hair clips are great additions to your collection of fashion accessories. We provide a wide range of all kinds of wholesale hair clips at affordable prices.

Hair Clip Supplies Wholesale Help you Boost Holiday Sales

Hair clip supplies wholesale would never run out of stock and get you prepared on holiday peak season. Many custom hair clip manufacturers foresee the winter holiday season as a top sales opportunity for their business, holiday retail sales are expected to rise during the November-to-January time frame. Pollux Enterprise, as an experienced custom hair clip supplies wholesale, will help get your logistics and shipment planned ahead of the peak shopping season to take advantage of the holiday shopping trend. In just a few days, like Double Eleven, Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday sales, Boxing Day sales, many brands and small businesses can sell as much as they do the rest of the year combined. Plan your online sales strategy, local delivery, customer gift lists, customers loyalty program with hair clip supplies wholesale.

Custom Hair Clip Wholesale has become Pop Culture

Ariana Grande is known for her signature look and she is the trends that you are going to see everywhere. Her iconic ponytail achieves maximum volume and the illusion of an endless abundance of hair. Making use of hair clips and accessories, you can get the same iconic look in an easy way. Just grab a hair elastic and hair clips, pull your hair away from your face, add the hair clips and get out the door. The easy ponytail has always been Ariana Grande’s go-to hairstyle. It requires zero effort and can be done from anywhere without a mirror.

How to make an iconic ponytail standout? Gigi Hadid, supermodel, rocked at the 2021 Met Gala with red hair and 60s glamour. She wore a stunning white Prada gown and her hair was pulled in a ponytail with a glittering black Prada hair clip. Her look is elegant, amazing and fashionable. Custom hair clip manufacturers can get you the same style of hair clip to dress up with the special looks.

The last increase of popularity for hair clips came in the 90s. Hair clips are also a complete rescuer when you haven’t time to wash your hair after a night out. They can simultaneously keep a hairstyle in place. With hair half up half down, natural cool girl textures tied with ribbons and hair clips.

If you have any ideas on styles or hair clips that you would like to know how to do or questions you’d like us to answer, simply contact us and source high quality products from hundreds of custom hair clip manufacturers!

Custom Hair Clip Manufacturer, Wholesale Supplies - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the packaging of custom hair clip wholesale?

The custom hair clip is available in one pack and you can order it in 2 pieces, 6 pieces, 50 pieces or even 100 pieces. Hair clip supplies wholesale provides all the packages you need to ensure you can meet your customer demand.


  1. What are the types of hair clip custom hair clip manufacturers produce?

We produce the best mini claw clip, jaw clip, large claw hair clip in different colours for our customers. If you have any designs for thick hair, thin hair, curly hair, feel free to send us the design and we can source the manufacturers to produce it.


  1. How to use hair clips on different occasions? Any ideas from custom hair clip wholesale?

You’re going to want to change your look with hair clips. A set of pearl hair clips can add some classy sophistication to your wedding outfit while dazzling hair clips can add elegance to your grown or cocktail dress. No doubt, hair clips can be used along with other hair accessories for more complicated hairstyles.


  1. What is the shipping and return policy of custom hair clip wholesale?

We offer flexibility on return policy, if a client buys any hair clips that contain serious defects, we can offer return within X day. Please send us photographs so we can keep record of custom hair clip manufacturers to improve product quality in future.


  1. Are hair clips suitable for children? Do custom hair clip manufacturers produce them?

Custom hair clip wholesale recommends hair clips usage for ages of 3 or above as they are not toys. Hair clips can be used safely for children with adults. Hairstyles of girls, teens and young adults are adorned with plastic hair clips. They can be appropriate for any age.