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Pollux Enterprise is committed to providing high quality goods and excellent customer services to our clients. Pollux Enterprise has years of experience of producing great-quality jewelry at a reasonable price and satisfying the customers’ needs far beyond expectation. Pollux Enterprise has long been recognised as a leader in custom earring manufacturing, serving the US market with highly skilled labour and making elaborate designs.

Hong Kong has a great advantage of its trading policy and tax system, Pollux Enterprise benefits from China’s industrial base as well as the international trade advantages like low tax rate which are found only here in Hong Kong. Pollux Enterprise is the sizable earring producer on the market. We successfully manufacture custom earrings, necklaces and bracelets in China to meet the requirements established by US regulatory and industry standards.

We keep up with the latest technology transformation to meet the demand from earring wholesale suppliers. We also adopt the latest technology and a number of innovative concepts for custom earring manufacturers. 3D scanners, 3D printing solutions and CAD enable rapid design to break the barrier, tweak the manufacturing runs and ramped up custom earring manufacturer efficiency. Customers can create what they want even with a rough sketch. it is now possible to print precious metals, everyone can be a custom earring designer.

Leading Custom Earring Manufacturer, Wholesale Supplier - Pollux Enterprise

Pollux Enterprise’s mission is to deliver products with high quality and affordability to its clients. Custom earrings are manufactured and they are tailored to customers’ specific requirements and preferences. Pollux Enterprise is an ideal earring wholesaler with whom you may have a lot of fun.

As an earring wholesale supplier, Pollux Enterprise prides itself in the area of meticulous collection of the trendy items including custom earring. Custom earring are among the trendiest products in this collection. Choose from a broad range of exquisite custom earrings at Pollux-Enterprise.com, the leading custom earring manufacturer and supplier.

Purchase these customized earrings, which are of excellent quality and are reasonably priced. Visit Pollux-Enterprise.com to get custom earrings for your business or yourself from Pollux Enterprise, a renowned and trustable wholesaler and retailer of earrings situated in Hong Kong.

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Custom Earring Manufacturer, Wholesale Supplier - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to start an earring wholesale business?

Starting a business is hard work. If you are thinking about founding a business, finding a reliable earring wholesale supplier or manufacturer for your earring business is essential and crucial.

Finding a manufacturer for your earring business both online and offline is one of the most challenging parts of launching a business, and it is typically where people face a roadblock. The chief factor for this is that there are so many options that selecting the perfect earring wholesale supplier, manufacturer, or even distributor for your earring business may be complex.

  1. What are the tips for top sourcing and outreach when looking for your earring wholesale supplier?

Here are some keynotes for you to choose the ideal custom earring manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier for your earring business:

  •     History: Choose an earring wholesale supplier and manufacturer with at least 5 years of experience in the field; they will have more connections or a larger network, as well as more experience in manufacturing and shipping, which will help your business.
  •     Reputation: You want your custom earrings to be in excellent hands, with a reputable business handling them.
  • Service: Select the one that provides a rather comprehensive service that saves you trouble retailing and so on.
  1. What are the roles of Pollux Enterprise in helping you to start your own custom earring wholesale business?


Pollux Enterprise is an experienced custom earring manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler specializing in unprecedented jewelry. The service provided is all-inclusive. Pollux Enterprise acts as an OEM supplier or an outsourcer for purchasers. Pollux Enterprise is surely your supreme partner if you create your own brand and plan to cooperate with KOLs to put your original sketch ideas into real products.


We will take care of all the procedures from custom earring manufacturer matching, sampling, logo design, raw packaging, quality requirements, shipment, BOM (bill of materials), inspection reports, so you can only put your attention on the core like product design, sales and marketing.


  1. What does Pollux Enterprise guarantee on custom earrings manufacture?

Pollux Enterprise guarantees high-quality custom earrings. We will organize business excursions to industry trade shows and factory meetings. Factory checkups and order placement on-site From price negotiation through quality inspection before shipment, the whole procurement process is monitored and executed. The shipment will be tracked so you will receive notification upon arrivals.


  1. What custom earrings do Pollux Enterprise supply?

Pollux Enterprise, as a professional earring wholesale supplier, offers fashionable and elegant earrings. Pollux Enterprise has a large database of unusual, hot-sale, and high-quality arts and crafts goods that will fulfill almost all of your sourcing needs. Hoop crystal earring, drop chandelier earring, stud earring, and crystal earring are just a few examples.

The custom earrings will definitely enhance the attractiveness of your face while complementing it. Depending on the design outline, each pair of earrings come in a wide range of designs. Colors and materials also differ to accommodate customers’ needs, even including those who are allergic towards certain metals. The customer of  Pollux Enterprise will be sure to stand out in a crowd with these exquisitely designed earrings, which come in a variety of variations for both genders.

Pollux Enterprise offers everything you need, from creative custom earrings ideas to custom earring wholesale supplier. Pollux-Enterprise.com guarantees that you will be pleased with the efficient buyer service and the most attractive art goods available. Contact us today and get a free quotation.