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The Latest Trend of Wearing A Stylish Custom Made Brooch Wholesale

How to become the centre of attention? Pinning a brooch onto your clothing will do the trick. Some may say that brooch is out of fashion, but the latest trend will prove these people wrong. Vintage fashion has become one of the most beloved fashion trends in recent years, and brooches are the vital accessories that every fashion lover must acquire.

With luxurious designer brands like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, brooches have been adored by many fashion collectors again. In January, Lady Gaga wore a seven-and-a-half-inch repoussé gilded brass Schiaparelli dove bearing an olive branch at the presidential inauguration. Such an iconic look sparks a passion for brooches in the high-end fashion community.

This time, however, the ones who started the brooch trend are not the ladies who admire beautiful jewelry, but the gentlemen who have a unique taste in vintage look. Jared Leto wore a huge, corsage-y Gucci brooch at the Golden Globes, and Trevor Noah chose the Tiffany-Schlumberger gold-spiked Apollo brooch at the Grammys. Brooch is not just for one gender. It is for everyone who is passionate about showing their true self.

The best way to find a one-of-a-kind brooch is to design a specific one. With the irresistible brooch trend, custom made brooch is a go-for to all the fashion lovers out there. As a professional wholesale supplier, we know what the customers want and need. We will help you find the suitable manufacturer to bring your ideal custom brooch design into reality.

New and Authentic Designs for Custom Brooches

“Ostentatious”, “showy”, “flashy”… People always relate brooches with these adjectives. Nonetheless, custom made brooch manufacturers have produced numerous types of brooches. The variety is so large that all these old school stereotypes of brooches are not accurate anymore. It is time to design younger and energetic brooches for your customers from different ages and genders.

Animal motifs are always for everyone. From the common ones like butterflies and beetles, to the special designs like crabs and frogs, wildlife inspired brooches can never go wrong. As animals can symbolize the personalities of your customers, try coming up with brooch designs of different animals. The quirkiness of these patterns win the hearts of your young customers.

To cater the female customers, designs like flowers or fruits are essential. They represent elegance and grace, which are fantastic for important events. Besides, brooches are not always full of jewelry. Brooches with pearls are also very popular among ladies.

For the gentlemen, floral designs of brooches may be too femine. Simple designs with a couple of gemstones are easier for guys to try out this new fashion trend, as it is not difficult for them to rock this style with a simple suit. We, the wholesale supplier, understand the different needs of the customers and what you are looking for in a custom brooch manufacturer, so that we can help you produce the best custom made brooches.

Style Your Clothing with A Custom Brooch, from The Manufacturer

As an expert in custom brooch wholesale supply, we know how to make the best look with the help of a brooch. There is no doubt saying that big and shiney brooch adds a formality to your clothing style. Placing it in the clusters on your jackets will always do the job, especially when you are going to an important event. You will become the sharpest star on the red carpet. If it is not enough for you, try pinning it on your hats. Remember, simple clothing always looks extra classy with a little help from brooches.

Don’t want to grab too formal? We get it, not every day are we going to super fancy events. Many people do not know about this, but brooches can also make a young and quirky look. Placing a small and simple brooch off your collar will add a little complexity to your look. It is subtle yet impactful to your outfit. Pinning a brooch on your pockets is also a fun way to make your casual clothing look more adorable!

For all the gentlemen out there, brooches are not just for the ladies. Custom made brooches manufacturers manufacture brooches that are stylish to men every day. Wearing a suit to an event is boring, and putting the same shirt on for your work is even duller. Brooches are not always exaggerating your styles. Simple custom brooches can differentiate you from the ordinaries. Putting a tiny brooch on your lapel, ties or cuffs can already do the job. It is not much of an effort, but already makes you stand out of the crowd.

With our East-West sensibility uniquely found in Hong Kong, we are confident that we are the ideal custom made brooch wholesale supplier that can help you find the manufacturer with highest quality. Contact us for more information!

Custom Brooch Manufacturer, Wholesale Supplier - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can your manufacturers supply brooches in our brand name and logo?

Yes, we can supply brooches stamped or engraved with your brand name, with your logo or text and in your prescribed packing, based on the design you offer to us.


  1. Are product sizes of custom made brooch wholesale accurate?

Yes, all products are true to size. However, please allow some millimetres discrepancy for differences in manufacturing. With our customer-oriented business approach, we are sure that the products will be of your satisfaction.


  1. Besides custom made brooch wholesale, do you have a jewelry accessories wholesale supplier for other jewelry accessories?

Apart from rings and brooches, we have other jewelry accessories wholesale suppliers for products like earrings, bracelets and necklaces. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


  1. Is there a possibility that my order of custom made brooch wholesale will be affected by COVID-19?

Unfortunately, under the global pandemic, we encounter problems with custom brooch manufacturers, logistic companies, airlines, and more. As a professional custom brooch wholesale supplier, we try our best to maintain our services to normality in these trying times, but please expect delays in shipping and possible other unforeseen complications from the pandemic, as there is a lot of uncertainty with global travel. If you’re concerned over delays, please consider ordering from us at another time.  We thank you for your understanding and patience.