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Pollux Enterprise 擁有十多年為髮飾和髮帶製造商開髮美國市場的經驗。我們在髮帶批發方面擁有豐富的知識,並成立了專業團隊為髮帶製造商提供全方位的服務。作為髮帶供應商,我們了解客戶的需求,並努力提供超出預期的發彈批發。


Hair Tie Manufacturer in Pop Culture

K-pop 的環境女子樂隊 Blackpink 和 Twice 在將韓國文化擴展到國際觀眾方面發揮了關鍵作用。、英國和世界其他地區受到音樂的影響,他們的舞台造型或街景也受到粉絲的關注,進一步推動K-POP流行到個人風格。由於韓式風格,許多青少年和年輕人遵循Blackpink和兩次的髮型,作為他們對著裝的最後修飾。由於發帶是打造迷人髮型所需的基本發飾,因此頭髮彈性批發市場有巨大的機會。


How Hair Tie Suitable for All Occasions

After the lockdown days, we are in the mood for dressing and accessorizing. Beach, sands, sun, seawater, swimming, all these summer outdoor activities, your hair needs a ponytail or pinning your hair up in a bun style to get your hair out of your face! Hair tie manufacturers and suppliers offer you a recipe for happiness by adorning the playful and colourful hair ties. The colourful hair ties supplies will not only put a smile onto your face but also everyone around you especially in the workplace.

Natural hair is a lot of work for curly and thick head girls. You can create the hairstyle anytime, anywhere in a wink with a hair tie. Hair elastic wholesale is your must-buy this season.

Fall/Winter fashion is always with black coats or sweaters, hair ties make every day more delightful by styling with your favourite items. Wanna cheer yourself up every now and then? We provide a wide range of hair tie manufacturers in various colors that you would love!

“Back-to-school” is a peak season for hair tie manufacturers as parents are ordering the hair elastics to match school uniforms, especially black or dark hair elastic. Schools require simple designs and we have multiple black hair elastics for you to choose from. You can either order it in pieces or a pack of 50 pieces if you always lose things. The ring shaped hair elastic is convenient for students to tie hair and make them feel comfortable all day. We are happy to present a range of lovable hair accessories for your girls. Keep checking our website for our latest update or subscribe to our newsletter to learn more.

Hair Tie Manufacturer, Supplier and Hair Elastic Wholesale - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do customers often use hair ties?

Hair ties can be worn with any hairstyle you prefer. Hair tie suppliers are producing classic and timeless hair elastics. It never goes out of style. It is perfect to decorate a simple ponytail or add to a fancy hairdo.


  1. What are the pros of hair tie manufacturers?

We take care of the production of hair ties so you can focus on sales and marketing of your hair elastic wholesale business. We will ensure the hair tie quality before shipping and send you samples before mass production.


  1. What are the materials you use for hair tie manufacturers?

We use durable and waterproof materials for producing hair ties suppliers. Making it perfect to use even for swimming, provides all day secure hold and easy release clasp.


  1. How many colours of hair tie does the hair tie supplier provide?

We provide 50+ colors and customizable sizes for you to match any outfit. While customers are enjoying the summer breeze with different nice looking ponytails, we can start producing the fall/winter season’s hottest rich and saturated colours hair ties within a short period of time. Shop our hair tie collections now!