Thick-Knit Winter Scarves

Find the right knitted neck scarf wholesale and manufacturer

Establishing your big name in the fashion industry is not easy. Products developed from your brand need to be on seasonal trends and launch at the right time. This winter you can put a wide range of knit winter scarves in the market, selling the top premium scarves under your brand name. But how to make it happen? If you have a spectacular design, you need to get the right manufacturer and the right supplier to turn your design into a product. And it is our job to help you in the manufacturing production process.

Partner with top class knitted neck scarf wholesale and manufacturer

Partnering with a top class knit scarf manufacturer can be challenging. It is difficult to customize a knitted neck scarf design for wholesale purpose in the right price range. To get a right knit scarf manufacturer which can massively produce a knitted neck scarf for wholesale purposes, at the same time able to fulfill the quality request on a trendy design. It is believed that using our extensive sourcing network can get the right knit scarf manufactured to complete this mission. Our knit scarf manufacturer network is very experienced in the knitted scarf wholesale industry which can give us an edge in the market. Providing our buyers with hassle free sourcing experience and getting the best quality knitted scarf at wholesale prices. Your profit margin can also be maximized by using our connection to directly negotiate with the knit scarf manufacturers as a result to reduce the knitted neck scarf wholesale cost.

Even the knitted neck scarf is for wholesale purposes, strict quality control is applied from the design and product development stage down to bulk production. Our sourcing network is capable of any customized design and able to produce products from luxurious price range products to any knitted scarf for a wholesale lower price point. It is assured that our knit scarf manufacturers can produce any top-notch quality product to represent your fashion brand. The knit scarf manufacturers in our network provide an extremely wide range of customisation options beyond your requirements, hence even if the knitted scarf is for wholesale purposes, they can turn your design to your ultimate scarf.

Tones of design factors would influence the outcome of knitted neck scarf wholesale. The weaving patterns, artwork, sewn labels, coloring, materials density etc. Our service makes sure you can have as much creative freedom as possible in all aspects of your knitted scarf wholesale and let you bring an impact to the knit scarf market. It is our job to connect you with the right knit scarf manufacturer and make full control of the knitted scarf wholesale prices which get you a huge edge to being as competitive as possible.

Product development process for knitted neck scarf wholesale and manufacturer

To make the product development process become more direct and efficient. There is some information we need from your side. Like other manufacturing items, we need below information to start developing your ideal knitted scarf wholesale. If you have any problem providing the below information, feel free to send us the message and we are here to help you to get things done.

  1. Any design files, concept sketches. If possible, please provide as many reference images and samples as possible so we can research on the current knitted scarf wholesale in the market. With this information, it can make the knit scarf manufacturing process become more efficient.
  2. Deep-dive details. For example which fabric material you want to apply to your knitted neck scarf ( ie. cashmere, modal, silk, wool)
  3. Your expected order quantities per size per color. More importantly your expected timeline and destination of your delivery.

Typical knit scarves for wholesale have some of the standard sizes. Following the standard helps regular knit scarf manufacturers to get higher efficiency hence less production errors will be made. The standard sizes are 70X180 cms, 100X200 cms, 100X100 cms and 70X70 cms. If you have any special requirements, feel free to let us know!

At last, although we try to give as much flexibility as possible to your knitted neck scarf design. But still it is needed to understand that there is always limitation to manufacturing knitted scarves for wholesale. Different materials, designs etc will have different minimum order quantities. So if you want to make your knitted neck scarf to the market sooner, please contact our team as soon as possible.

Knitted Neck Scarf Manufacturer Wholesale - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take from the R & D process to the final product?

With our customer-oriented business approach, we aim at simplifying and easing your sourcing operations and ultimately becoming your long-term sourcing partner. The entire process depends on the complexity of your work. But we can promise we are always here for help and make sure the operation runs smoothly.

2.What are the advantages using Pollux services?

We are experts in different kinds of manufacturing sectors. At the same time, we are highly flexible and adaptive to any workflow. With our extensive database systems, we try to be as transparent and flexible as possible to make sure the workflow runs smoothly.

3.What role will Pollux take in the manufacturing process?

We will form a strong working relationship with you as partners and will cooperate with you in different areas. First, using our experience and database, we will propose a sourcing strategy to you and the knit scarf manufacturers. For example, suggesting which area to start with for your knitted scarf wholesale project and identify in what place to source your product. If requested, we can also arrange business trips for fair visits and meetings with your potential knit scarf manufacturers. Second, we will help you to weigh all pros and cons from all potential knit scarf manufacturers, screening the factories and placing your orders. At last, we will closely monitor the execution of the production of the knitted neck scarf for wholesale, completing the procumbent process and negotiate the optimal cost and performing quality inspection before shipment to make sure the knitted scarf for wholesale is meeting your brand standards.