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Hair barrette, also known as a hair clip, is not only an accessory for little girls but also plays a big role in women’s fashion. When your hair is middle-parted, tuck neatly behind the ears and then fix it in place with glowing gold hair barrettes on both sides to give yourself an elegant look.

Hair barrette manufacturers point out that hair accessories that are functional and trendy are must-haves in girls’ shelf – hair barrette. Clip in parts of your hair to the side or the back of your head for a half-up, half-down look. They will always look great no matter how you use them. Wholesale hair barrette supplies feature butterfly patterns, skinny metal barrettes or even hand-made barrettes, you will definitely find one that suits your needs.

Pollux Enterprise has become a trusted supplier for hair barrette wholesalers, chain retailers and brand distributors all over the world. We have rich experiences in customer service and project management. If you need a physical hair barrette wholesale sample, we will send you by freight collect. We have been participating in trade development’s gifts and premium fairs for years and obtained certificates from audit labs. Schedule your custom consultation on wholesale hair barrette supplies and start your first order with the hair barrette manufacturer now!

Hair Barrettes are Everywhere Right Now

From the timeless collection, you can make your own polished barrette with a signature logo at the corner. Or you can look for a glossy, bow-shaped acetate barrett clip. It is ideal for ponytails with medium dense hair or half-up styles with thick hair.

We realize ourselves in music. Twenty-somethings detached from Taylor Swift, and the same goes for 30-somethings thinking nostalgically of Avril Lavigne. Thanks to Olivia Rodrigo, the gen z singer-songwriter and actress, who is the trendsetter for millennials. Olivia’s portrait for her album “Sour”, not only brings back waist-length hair waves and butterfly patterns, she seems to pull continuously from the ‘90s. To count down to the release of Sour, she posted on Instagram with stacked barrettes and fittingly spelled out “sour”. The four alphabetical stacked barrettes really take her tresses to the next level. Hair barrette manufacturers can custom make these alphabetical collections of hair barrettes to meet your design. Olivia is all over Spotify and all over Instagram with some serious beauty inspiration. Follow her and check out the latest fashion trend to meet customer demand!

Style Your Clothing with A Custom Brooch, from The Manufacturer

As an expert in custom brooch wholesale supply, we know how to make the best look with the help of a brooch. There is no doubt saying that big and shiney brooch adds a formality to your clothing style. Placing it in the clusters on your jackets will always do the job, especially when you are going to an important event. You will become the sharpest star on the red carpet. If it is not enough for you, try pinning it on your hats. Remember, simple clothing always looks extra classy with a little help from brooches.

Don’t want to grab too formal? We get it, not every day are we going to super fancy events. Many people do not know about this, but brooches can also make a young and quirky look. Placing a small and simple brooch off your collar will add a little complexity to your look. It is subtle yet impactful to your outfit. Pinning a brooch on your pockets is also a fun way to make your casual clothing look more adorable!

For all the gentlemen out there, brooches are not just for the ladies. Custom made brooches manufacturers manufacture brooches that are stylish to men every day. Wearing a suit to an event is boring, and putting the same shirt on for your work is even duller. Brooches are not always exaggerating your styles. Simple custom brooches can differentiate you from the ordinaries. Putting a tiny brooch on your lapel, ties or cuffs can already do the job. It is not much of an effort, but already makes you stand out of the crowd.

With our East-West sensibility uniquely found in Hong Kong, we are confident that we are the ideal custom made brooch wholesale supplier that can help you find the manufacturer with highest quality. Contact us for more information!

Instagram wants you to Wear Hair Barrettes

Celebrities have recently been spotted wearing mullets, claw clips, and oversized hair barrettes from the 1990s including beauty looks and archival fashion through Instagram. You can expect to see a lot more hair accessories on the youths and on Instagram. Hair barrette wholesale can order 90s hair accessories and offer discounts for customers.

Instagram is a source for style inspiration. Whether it is a slim hair barrette, featuring a glossy tortoiseshell finish and a silver-tone logo emblem or a long skinny metal barrette, once it’s on Instagram and a trending hashtag, suddenly it will go viral and everyone wanna recreate the look by themselves.

Bridal Hair Barrette Manufacturer for Wedding

You do not want to mess up on your wedding day. From wedding decor to wedding dresses, you just want everything to be perfect. Wholesale hair barrette supplies will ensure your dream wedding hair accessory is quality made and beautiful. There are different types of bridal hair accessories, the most popular ones are tiaras, pearl-studded barrettes, floral crowns and headbands. They are timeless and chic and always pair nicely with your wedding dress and veils. The hair barrette creates a wear-everywhere palette for a dose of feminine flair and it truly ties your bridal look together.

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was held in 2018 in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom. Everyone in the world is focusing on Meghan’s wedding dress and hair accessories. The royal wedding has requests on wedding day hairstyles and how they compromise. Markle’s hair became a hot topic of discussion because the stray hair covered her forehead. That’s why you should carefully plan your wedding hair style ahead. We also work with bridal hair barrette manufacturers to provide the best hair accessories for wholesalers.

Hair barrette wholesale has uniquely designed hair barrette features shiny white pearls and gleaming rhinestones that is the perfect hair accessory for the bride or any special occasion event. We also make crystal hair barrette, highlighting Swarovski crystals in a floral design with pearls and acrylic crystals in the petals to create an elegant look for the bride. Use hair barrette as a shining addition to your updo. Get ready with hair barrette manufacturers before your big day for a chic and modern touch!

Hair Barrette Manufacturer, Wholesale Hair Barrette Supplies - Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Are hair barrettes wholesale in style?

Hair barrettes are fashionable for fall/winter especially floral or pearl patterns, store managers can put on sales of hair barrettes from wholesale hair barrette supplies. With the return of the back to 90s fashion trend, hair barrette wholesalers are seeing more enquiries from customers for back to 90s hair accessories.


  1. How to order custom made hair barrettes from wholesale hair barrette supplies?

The ordering process is simple. Once we receive your inquiry and upon signing the quotation, we will produce samples and mock ups at a competitive price. After your confirmation, we will then proceed to production. Orders are shipped via USPS, Fedex or DHL with tracking and confirmation. Items arrive in a complimentary gift box and cartons.


  1. How long does the hair barrette manufacturer take place?

The hair barrette manufacturer will take 1 to 2 months to complete your order. The hair barrette manufacturing process will depend on the shipment, quantity you order, complexity of your design, production timeline and seasonality. If you need the product within one week, we can review the schedule and get a faster production timeline for you given the higher cost.


  1. What is the packaging of hair barrettes from hair barrette manufacturers?

Hair barrette manufacturers have got inner packing with a transparent bag and logo card. For outer packing, we will provide standard export cartons. We also accept customers’ special request packing method.


  1. What can I do if there is a product defect from wholesale hair barrette supplies?

Our hair barrette supplies are of good quality and unfortunately there may be some minor defects. If you find any defects from the products, please send us the photos and number of affected products and we’ll send you the new products.